Big Indian Archers


Welcome to Southeast Nebraska's Public Archery Range and Nature Walking Trail!  The handicap-accessible practice range features 8 fixed fiberboard targets ranging from 10 to 80 yards. 


With an observation and shooting tower, a picnic shelter wtih Barbecue Grill and campfire pit, kids playground, restrooms, well, and fishing and camping available.  The 1-mile Archery shooting course features 28 fiberboard targets with animal burlaps, 3d's, four shooting towers, and two shooting stands.  A broadhead site-in pit is located at the first tower, shooting blinds and a variety of terrain to challenge any style ofarcher.  The 1.5-mile trail that connects to the east lake campgrounds by a walk bridge is designed for anyone that enjoys walking and hiking in the great outdoors with wildlife food plots, plant and tree identification.  Walkers can enjoy the trail at any time as it is designed to be safe for both shooters and walkers.


Bring your family, bow, hotdogs, hiking boots, and binoculars, and have a great time.


 For more information, visit Big Indian Archers website: