The Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre



The Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre in Wymore tells the story of early Welsh settlers on the prairies of North America, and of their Welsh-American descendants, through interactive displays, artifacts, and oral histories.  The Centre contains exhibit areas, a library, an archive, an auditorium with a digital theatre for showing Welsh films, a gift shop, a serving kitchen for preparing Welsh teas, and a genealogic database of Welsh American families. 



An eighty-foot-long mural depicting the emigration experience, painted by famous muralist David Loewenstein, occupies the north wall of the building.  Below it is a memory garden whose gently curving stone path contains over 200 dedicated pavers.  It offers an inviting place to sit and enjoys the many Welsh daffodils that bloom each spring.  The building and garden are handicap accessible.



The Centre hosts many events including Archive for Welsh-America,  presentations by Welsh scholars of the "Welsh Diaspora" of the nineteenth century, and celebrations of Welsh figures such as St. Dwynwen, patron of lovers, St. David, Patron Saint of Wales, and Owain Glyndwr, who very nearly threw off the yoke of English domination of Wales in the 1400s.  Community coffee is held annually on the Friday morning before Christmas. 



The Centre is regularly open on Sunday afternoons in the summer months, or by appointment.  Group tours are welcomed.



Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre

307  S. 7th Street

Wymore, NE  68466

(402) 645-3186; (402) 645-3282; (402) 645-3231