Filley Stone Barn


The Filley Stone Barn was built in 1874.  This National Register Site lists the Filley barn as the largest limestone bank barn in Nebraska.  A fortuitous event initiated the building of this three-story native limestone barn.  Drought conditions and the grasshopper invasion caused many farmers to leave the land and return back east.  Knowing the success of the county depended on the farmers staying, Elijah Filley hired the men to stay and help build his barn  The barn stands today as a tribute to those early farmers. 


Today, living history demonstrations are held at the barn.  To schedule a special group tour, contact Gage County Historical Society, 402-228-1679.  The barn may be viewed from the outside at any time.



Filley Stone Barn

13282 East Scott Road

Filley, NE


Check out this video of the Filley Stone Barn by Laugh-Smore Productions